originally written 11 Aug 09 
posted 17 Aug 09
photo by: Shirley/Oklahoma/Aug 2009
I have been told, on various occasions, that I am too serious...
that I put too much value on words.  

I was starting to believe that...
starting to believe that perhaps there is something wrong with me.  

“Why can't I be different?” I’d wonder.  Or, rather, “why can't I be like everyone else?”  

Those that toss words around carelessly (and then when someone is hurt by those flung words, their defense is: "I was only joking!"), their numbers increase daily.  

Gone are the days when people were careful to regard their neighbors, friends, coworkers, and even strangers they meet on the street, with respect and graciousness.  Polite speech and simple kindness has been replaced with sarcasm, crudeness and profanity.  
Those who try to swim against this school of thought are seen as old-fashione, uptight and/or "too serious."

I have been regarded as silly when I said "excuse me" to the dog who had been blissfully sleeping but had to move because it was in my way.  But how can it be wrong to be kind...even when it's not expected or required?

My reasoning for being polite to a dog who probably couldn’t understand my words anyway was (and still is) that we should always practice kindness...even when no one else is looking or expecting it.

"Practice makes perfect" is an old saying that applies to many situations in our lives.  I was taught in my high school choir we practice is just as important as how we perform...
because how we practice IS how we will perform.  

The more we practice a certain behavior, 
the more it becomes "second nature" to us.

Do I really put too much value on words? 

This morning my Heavenly Father showed me the answer.

"Your words show what is in your hearts." Matthew 12:34b 
(Contemporary English Version)

It doesn't matter what everyone else thinks...our Father God agrees...
the words that pass our lips ARE important…and I trust His words....

Thanks Dad!  <3

Now…to keep my words respectful no matter the situation…
THAT is a challenge…
What kind of person do I want to be?

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