Being Treasured
originally written early November 05
revised 22 November 05
posted 22 November 2005
“Under three things the earth trembles,
under four it cannot bear up:
a servant who becomes king,
a fool who is full of food,
an unloved woman who is married,
and a maidservant who displaces her mistress.”
Proverbs 30:21-23 (italics added)

Loving is not the same as lusting.

We were all created in the image of God…men & women.  Men were given warrior hearts because God is a warrior God.  He is strong.  Men need to know they are strong, that they have what it takes because God made them that way.  God fights for those He loves & cherishes and He expects men to do the same.  Women were given hearts that want to be known and loved.  We want to be seen as lovely because we were designed by our Creator to reflect His beauty.  

We don’t want to be just an object of lust.  We want to be loved because of who we are…not because of what we look like on the outside.  Nor because of what we can do to pleasure someone else.  The problem with lust is it is primarily a one sided deal…the one lusting is thinking only of how they can be satisfied.  When a wife is treasured, her husband thinks not only of himself but also how he can please his wife.  So much more than sex is required here.  We want that man to be more than physically intimate…we want him to know who we are, inside and out.  We want to share our hopes, our dreams, our fears, our weaknesses.  We want to know we can come to him with our everything and be safe in his presence.  We want to know more about this man in our life.  We want him to share his hopes, dreams, fears and yes, weaknesses.  We all have them.  When everything is not shared…the good and the bad…the relationship is not as strong as it could be.  Yes, sharing so much of who we are on the inside feels frighteningly vulnerable…that’s because it is.  However, to become fully one with another requires that vulnerability.  Any wall in place will not only keep out the hurt but will also keep out the blessing.

We want to be known and, therefore, loved because we are known.  This is God’s desire as well.  He wants us to know who He is.  He wants an intimate relationship.  The word intimacy has become just another word for sex in these modern times.  However, there is so much more to the meaning of intimacy.  It’s a knowing process.  It’s a two way sharing of ourselves.  It’s knowing someone and having them want to know you.  When intimacy is only physical, there is such a massive piece missing.  That absence of unselfish love destroys the heart of a woman.  Then the man is left wondering why she never wants his physical touch anymore.  Her heart, the wellspring of her love and life, was neglected and it died.  Only Christ can bring true life back to that broken and murdered heart.  Walk with him, learn from him, trust him…only then can restoration and a new life be yours.  He is the only way to life, abundant and free.

We want to be known.  We want to be loved.  We want to be TREASURED.  
A simple task?  Yes…and no…but, oh, so vital to maintaining a happy wife.

So vital to maintaining a relationship that is full of the abundant life we crave.
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