Believing God Brings Freedom
originally written & posted
4 Nov 06
photo by Shirley-- Edinburgh Castle/Oct06
This evening I was thinking about how believing God brings freedom.  Like many times before, a scene from LOTR popped into my head to be used to illustrate a truth for me.  : )

When Smeagol believed Frodo, he began to care about more than just himself.  He wanted to be good.  He wanted to be helpful.  His new desires gave him the courage to stand up to his alter ego that kept him in miserable bondage for oh, so long.

Then the hurt came.  When Smeagol’s hurt made him stop believing Frodo and start believing Gollum’s lies again, he was once again trapped and gave himself over to his misery.  His bitter deceitfulness and selfish nature led him ultimately to his ruin.

When we believe the words that God has given us, when we believe that we can be more and that we were created for a purpose; we receive courage and a strength to overcome whatever it is that has kept us in bondage for so long.  When the hurts come, we must be careful to decipher correctly which of the words we hear are beneficial and those which are deceitful and damaging.  Gollum was wrong…Frodo didn’t betray or trick Smeagol.  He was trying to save his life, protecting him from certain death.  Frodo didn’t know that the men were going to hurt Smeagol, he was honestly trying to save him from the danger he knew existed.

Sometimes the hurts we endure in this life are very damaging.  Unlike Frodo, God knows what will happen to us at every turn. Sometimes we are confused when He doesn't protect us from everything harmful.  I don't know why, but I don't have to because I do believe the promise that He has made to bring good out of the bad for those that love Him. Additionally, I believe that we are often spared worse fates than what we actually experience.  I believe in a God who loves His children.  He protects us, sometimes even protecting us from ourselves.  Even when things seem to be very bleak, we have no idea from what we were spared.  Yes, sometimes He allows us to make our mistakes and face consequences, however, that is a different “lightbulb moment” altogether.  
Believing God yields so many benefits.  I don’t have the room to share all the examples that I know…and I am sure there are many, many more that I don’t know about.  However I do have one great example to share.  Recently I made a decision to choose to believe God’s words for me, instead of believing the lies I had believed since childhood. The result was so amazing that I cannot keep silent!  Since that Wednesday night in October I have experienced a freedom I have never before felt in my life.  It’s nothing short of miraculous to me!  : )  Things I previously had no strength to resist have now been rendered powerless.  Like Smeagol, the freedom I now feel makes me want to dance!  : )  I pray that when the pain of life rears it’s ugly head again that I will remember all the pits from which I have been rescued.  My relationship with God has far more time involved than Smeagol’s with Frodo (not to mention that my relationship is reality and not fiction…*big grin*).  I also have the memories of all the pits from which He has rescued me.  Time after time, He has proven Himself faithful and true.  Even when I don’t understand why things sometimes turn out the way they do, I have learned to trust God’s heart and ever-present love for me.  I pray that those remembrances will keep me from falling back into the unbelief that unfailingly serve as a trap for my heart.

My heart's cry is that everyone I know and care about will someday experience such freedom (if they are not already doing so).  This is too great a gift not to share.  : )  
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*side note*
on the same evening this "lightbulb moment" happened, Robert was at Toys R Us with Connor in Norwich.  He saw some LOTR figures and decided to buy some for me...which set did he choose?  "The Capture of Smeagol"!!  When he brought it home and gave it to me, I got goosebumps!  : )