photo by: Shirley/Hanauma Bay/August 2004
Blinded by Routine
Originally written & posted
 26 Sep 09
Imagine you’ve traveled a long distance to dine at your favorite restaurant.
Imagine that when you get there you discover that it’s closed until tomorrow…
only you won’t be here tomorrow.
You are simply gutted with disappointment.  : (
Your appetite demands sustenance…
so you have no choice but to look elsewhere.
You are sad that what you wanted wasn’t available to you,
and maybe even a bit angry about the inconvenience,
but you discover another restaurant nearby.
This one is not only open and available, but you are quickly comforted
by the ambiance of the décor and friendly welcome of the staff.
And the food you discover there…DELICIOUS!
You dine happily and wonder at the fact that this treasure of a restaurant was just next door to your favorite one…but you have never noticed it before.  Your routine of going to the same place all the time blinded your eyes to the treasure available if you’d only been willing to experience something different and new.

*Thank you, Father, for making me break out of my routine and
helping me see that there are more wonders out there to discover and enjoy.
While it’s not always comfortable for me to leave the familiar behind,
I am thankful for the new discoveries you are waiting to reveal to me.
 I appreciate your patient and stubborn Love.

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