photo by: Shirley/London/August 2005
Childlike Nonsense
originally written 14 Jan 10
posted 18 Jan 10
When one of our boys was a toddler,
we took him with us to a restaurant for lunch.
That child begged and begged and begged to have some
of the green sauce that was on our table.
We kept telling him no…
we knew it was too spicy and would burn his mouth.
He would NOT let it go…
so we eventually just let him have what he wanted.
Oh My Goodness did that child wail!
Just as we had tried to tell him,
it was too hot and was burning his little mouth.
The ironic thing about it was that HE was mad as US for it!
We tried to offer other foods that would take the burn away,
but he refused to trust us and just kept crying.

In many ways, we are the same with God.
We determine that we will live our lives the way we want to
while ignoring the advice and warnings of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.  And then we get angry at Him when things go wrong.

He tells us over and over again:
“If you play with fire, you’re gonna get burned.”
“If you keep playing with that fire you will get burned.”
“Get away from the fire or you WILL get burned!”

Then when we get burned…we cry out,
“God!  Where were you?!  Why did you not protect me?!”

Tragically, many will never trust Him again…
blaming Him for their wound when it was their own decision
to “go their own way” that brought them to the danger in the first place.

It makes zero sense to stubbornly refuse to listen to the One who gives the warning that danger is ahead and then get mad at that One when we suffer the consequences of our own decisions.

When we ignore the advice and warnings about danger…
we should expect consequences.

Any other expectation is simply childish nonsense.
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