photo by: Shirley/England/Oct 2005
"The Dance"
Dancing with Daddy
originally written & posted
25 Aug 09 
Thoughts about dancing have been tumbling around in my head for the past couple of days.  This morning, these thoughts must to be written out***

Have you ever danced with someone who KNEW how to dance?  

When the lead dancer knows the dance, the one who follows doesn’t even have to know all the steps for the dance to be successful.  They simply need to feel the rhythm of the music and follow the leader.

God has been repeatedly opening my eyes to the fact that life is a dance.  He knows the steps.  When we allow Him to lead us around the dance floor, the twists and turns can be sometimes familiar and sometimes unexpected…but the dance nonetheless beautiful.

My heart yearns to allow His strong arms to hold my hand and support my back…I want to  follow His sure footsteps as we sweep across the floor of life…a glorious dance with a lovely & distinctive melody accompanied by a feeling of secure calm, knowing I’m safe no matter what winds buffer at the door.

*happy sigh*  
Lovely  : )

This morning when I woke up… the words were tumbling around in my head about the dancing...and then the picture I took of the trees that looked like they were dancing in Brandon  (England) popped into my mind’s eye.  “That is the picture that goes with these words,” I thought.  I felt like I was being pulled out of bed to write.  ; )

Then when I opened my Bible, the first thing I saw was an advertisement on the back of the devotional I've been reading lately.  The thing being advertised was a Bible study by Angela Thomas.  The title?  "When Wallflowers Dance: Becoming a Woman of Righteous Confidence."  

 ((O_O))   “Okay!  I hear you!  LOL!”  

I read this morning's devotional and then ran to the computer to start writing.  I was sitting at my computer trying to gather my thoughts and put them in order...and had this “lightbulb moment” mostly put together, but still felt there was something missing...only I couldn’t pinpoint what it was.

I have my ipod set as an alarm for that when I hear the music I know it's time to wake the boys.

The song that started playing as my alarm this morning (as I was sitting here trying to figure out what was missing) is a song called "Amazed" by Lincoln Brewster.  It has a soft flowing instrumental beginning...and the very first words to this sweeping melody are: 
"You dance over me...while I am unaware…"

I immediately began weeping...tears of joy...tears of wonder...tears borne out of feeling so very humbled...

How can someone possibly love me THIS MUCH?!

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