photo by: Shirley/Oklahoma/September 2008
originally written 2 Oct 10
posted 9 Nov 10
God’s ways are not our ways.

He has revealed to me that the instructions He
gave me years ago (about what I eat) have a purpose.
The issue is not about my weight.
The issue is not even about my health.
Those two things are important—but merely side effects.

The issue is about my obedience.
The issue is about my FREEDOM!

Freedom from addiction.

His ways are not our ways.
He concentrates on the inside…for that is where true healing must begin.

Our addictions reveal the brokenness inside. 
God seeks to heal what is broken…
because He knows that is the only way to break the chains of addiction.

The more I obey my Lord—the less hold the addiction has over me.

With WW I lost 39lbs in 7 months.
It worked…but was temporary.

Because I wasn’t truly free.
I wasn't free from what was causing me to overindulge self.
Also, I believe there was a bigger lesson for me to learn in the struggle.

When I was losing weight...people noticed.
They would ask, "How did you do it?"
My answers always pointed back to the weight loss system,
never to the Lord who was walking with me daily, giving me strength.

The weight loss programs may work for surface results…
but they cannot reach the root of the problem.
I was seeing results, but they were temporary.
The weight always came back (and brought friends).
Focusing on the symptom, rather than the cause,
was akin to putting bandaids on cancer;
foolish and unsuccessful in the end result.

To be free from the chains of addiction…
I had to obey the instructions my Creator God gave me.
He was the One who knew there was a deeper problem.
He was the only One who knew how to fix it.

Only God can heal our deep brokenness.
No matter the addiction, He has the power to free us.
Only God deserves the glory for the healing.
Only God deserves the glory for our freedom.

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