Facebook Follies
originally written 21 Jan 12
posted 6 Nov 15
photo by: Shirley/Oklahoma/January 2012
There is a cartoon that I saw recently showing a little girl in a swing,
facing an empty swing (presumably talking to her imaginary friend). 
She says, “All my mommy’s imaginary friends are on something called “Facebook.”
While I appreciate the humor …
it also reminds me of a deeper truth that some don’t seem to see.

Many will criticize the time spent on facebook, communications between people who may never have met in person. However, that is not the only perspective from which to view this modern-day phenomenon. No matter who people portray themselves to be using this technology, the fact remains that on the other side
of the computer connections, there is a real life human being.
Someone who is loved by the Lord I serve and love with all my heart.  

That is what draws me to maintain a presence in this realm that many others have already abandoned, declaring it as a waste of time. Yes, there are MANY ways in which this can truly be a waste of precious time, and it’s a constant struggle to use the time wisely. That is a truth in every area of our modern lives…with the technology of media surrounding us every moment of the day. People criticize what they do not understand, even while falling prey to their own form of time-wasters. I wonder: would I have been viewed through different eyes
if I was using their preferred media to spend my free time?

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” 
Mark 1:17

Is it wrong to believe that not all ponds look the same?
If I choose the untraditional pond does that make me somehow less worthy of support and understanding than those who choose to do their “fishing”
in more traditional ponds?

We are to draw people to the Lord with the love He has given us to share with the world around us. Facebook is fun…and frustrating…but it can also be a fabulous way to shine the light of Truth into a world consumed by mistruths & deception.  
Facebook allows us to reach into corners of the globe
where our physical feet cannot go.

That is my desire: To share the Truth I have learned and am still learning…
to share the Love that is like no other love on this earth.
A Love that redeems and frees those who accept it.
A Love that proclaims hope in a hopeless world.

There is a scene in a movie I’ve seen recently where a horse becomes ensnared by barbed wire, hopelessly trapped by a man-made instrument of war. Like the ones who discovered this beautiful creature’s predicament, we cannot sit idly by and watch the suffering…not without at least making the effort to help carefully. Modern technology can be wasteful, but it can also become tools we can use to snip each strand of entrapment…little by little, until freedom is once again found. Applying truth and love to the lies that bind is a task worthy of our time…
wherever we may find the barbed wire.

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