Fire and Sex...
originally written 12 Feb 2003
added to first website 24 Feb 03
This morning I was thinking about the characteristics of fire and how useful and enjoyable it is.  It can also be very dangerous when not respected and kept under control in it's proper "safe zones."   A roaring, crackling fire is a pleasure when it is in a fireplace but it would be a completely different matter if it was in your home unhindered by the boundaries of a fireplace, grill or stove. 
 I got to thinking how similar sex can be to fire.  When kept in it's proper boundaries of marriage, sex is enjoyable indeed.  : )  On the other hand, when it has no boundaries, it has the power to cause great emotional and spiritual damage.  Fire and sex are gifts to us that can make life more enjoyable when respected and controlled within their proper boundaries.  
Our culture recognizes that fire and children do not mix well.  No one in their right mind would tell me to allow my children to play with matches (or any other flame producing tool) whenever and wherever they wanted.  Most recognize that we need to have a respect for fire.  Most recognize it's potential to wreak havoc when used improperly.
How can this same culture be so blind to the devastating effects of sex when used improperly?  Children should not be allowed to "experiment" with such a powerful and potentially harmful activity.  They need to be taught to respect sex, taught how to keep it controlled in it's respective boundaries.  Not with the intention to "take their fun away" but to protect them from the emotional baggage they will inevitably carry (and possible permanent scarring) if they "get burned."  
Sex is a great gift when controlled within the "fireplace" of marriage.  Teaching our children how to build a fire any other place but where it belongs is irresponsible.  Likewise, teaching our children that it is okay or expected that they will "experiment" with sex outside of the marriage relationship is just as irresponsible.
I hope I haven't offended anyone, that is certainly not my intention.  My thoughts were spinning this morning and I had to write them down.  : )  Without boundaries, children become lost.  
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