originally written 4 Mar 12
posted 6 Nov 15
photo by: Shirley/Oklahoma/January 2012
I was thinking this morning about youth.
Specifically how some youth groups thrive and how some die out.
What draws youth to a certain meeting place?
How does a church attract young people to gather?

Energy. Fun.
These things attract young people, whether Christian or not.
A youth ministry needs to have this in order to attract young people to walk through the door, but that is not all that is needed.
Teenagers are walking through a phase of life that is filled with many challenges and hardships. Youth group should be a safe harbor for them to rest and shelter from the storms of life.

We’ve lived in many places, and it’s the same almost everywhere, not singling any particular church body out, but I have heard the stubborn resistance against change of some of the older crowd. I understand their fear of not wanting to be the church that only speaks what “itching ears want to hear” but that kind of fear can be a handicap more than a help. 
It’s wise to always make sure your foundation is always Truth.
Beyond that foundational Truth, there is still room to love these young people
in a language they will hear and understand.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13

I have a young friend who repeats this phrase often: ”go be love.”

Any fisherman will tell you that if you throw a hook into the water with nothing on it, no worm, no lure, you are gonna be sitting there a long time without attracting any fish. You have to use the appropriate lure to attract the type of fish you are desiring. In human terms, we are not “fishing” in order to catch or trap anyone…we are “fishers of men” with the intent of drawing people to the Christ who offers them eternal life in Heaven and a joy-filled life on earth. We are to “be love” to those who need Him. Who needs Him? We ALL do! We are to “be love” to everyone around us. We are to live love to the world around us.

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