photo by: Shirley/St Louis/July 2004
Free Flow
Originally written 1 Oct 09 
posted 2 Oct 09
Writing pours out easily…swiftly…when I’m walking in step with my heavenly Father.  Not saying that the “lightbulb moments” happen frequently (although lately that has been the case)…
but when they do happen I cannot seem to write fast enough to capture all the words as they zip around in my mind.

A couple of days ago I fell into an old pattern of rationalizing actions I knew I wasn’t supposed to be doing.  It was willful disobedience and in the back of my mind…I knew it!  Yet I plunged ahead with reckless abandon, clinging to society’s claim that I am entitled to do these things.  My idea of “rewarding myself” was, in fact, causing me harm in a variety of ways.
One result was with my writing.  I had a couple of “lightbulb moments” already started, but after my plunge into the old disobedient behavior,
the writing didn’t flow as easily.
In fact, it was downright LABOR!
I had to strain for every word…it actually reminded me of birthing a baby!  

The writing, for me, is like using a water hose…
one minute the flow is free and easy…
then suddenly the pressure drops to nearly nothing.
When I take a closer look I can often see it’s coinciding
with an area of disobedience.

Sin is like the kink in the water hose…cutting off the flow…
and I must straighten out my priorities and behavior
before the words can flow freely again.

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