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Further Reflections
About Death
Originally written & posted
 26 Sep 09
After reading my article “Unveiling Death,” a friend pointed out to me that death was not part of God’s original plan for us.  We were to live our lives free and complete and in daily communion with our Creator in the Garden of Eden.  So…in that light, I have to agree with him that it is wrong for a parent to have to bury a child.  It was never meant to be that way.
The first parents who had to do so were
Adam & Eve after Cain murdered Abel,
after the Fall introduced sin and death into our world.
In that same light, then, all death is wrong.

The peaceful bliss of the Garden was destroyed.
But thanks be to God…it will not always be so.

Because of Christ, we have hope of a future where once again we will
walk in regular companionship with our Father God.

While on this earth, though, we must still deal with the effects and consequences that sin and death inflict upon our daily lives.
It’s tough, but God did not leave us without hope.
In the sacrifice of Christ, our ransom from death was paid.
In the Holy Spirit we have a guide and a provision of strength.
(*see Acts 2:17-21)
  Our Father God is still looking out for us.  : )

While we cannot escape the physical death and must deal with the pain it brings, the fact remains that God is still in control.  He holds the keys to life and death.  He is Sovereign. In His provision for those that belong to Him, He has promised to bring good out of the bad.  Our pain and suffering does not have to be wasted…it can be used to reach out to others who are hurting, allowing us to be His hands and feet to reach a world desperate for love.
Who can know the comfort you need other than
one who has walked a similar road you are on?  

Life was always what God wanted for us…we messed that up when we chose to cross the boundaries He put in place to protect us from sin & death…but like the loving & compassionate Father He is…
He has also provided a way to deal and to overcome.
Life is still His plan for us…if we but choose to accept it.

For those who do accept His plan to free us from these consequences…death becomes but a temporary parting.
A “see you later” rather than a permanent “goodbye.”

The Light of this eternal hope can break through the darkest of our nights.
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