photo by: Shirley/Oklahoma/October 2010
Get Outta the Way!
originally written 20 Oct 10
posted 21 Oct 10

We MUST be willing to yield to God’s Sovereignty!
We must accept that He is God, we are not.

God moves in amazing ways in our lives when we yield to Him.

He could take full control—but He doesn’t.  Not yet.
Because He knows that the process of yielding to His ways is
not for His benefit…it’s for ours.

He waits for us to see the Truth.
He waits for us to trust Him.
He waits for us to see that He knows what He’s doing.
He waits for us to see that He knows what is best for us and those around us.
He doesn’t have to…but He does.


It’s not a “formula.”
We cannot control God.
However, time after time I have seen it is only after they yield to His Truth, Grace, Mercy, and Power that He moves in the lives of His people.
Yielding to Him is the first step to Freedom.

We each have different chains and we can’t always see them…but God can.
If we stay in a love relationship with Him, learning His ways,
yielding to His guidance…He will reveal to us what we need to see…
so that we may be free in Him.
Truly Free.

The finite must yield to the Infinite!
God IS Sovereign.
Those that do not bow now WILL bow later.
The sooner we bow to Him, the more freedom on this earth we will enjoy…
and the more He can use us for His good purpose.

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