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Giving Proper Credit
originally written & posted
7 Sep 09 
Have you ever done something that you were really proud of…
only to have someone else be given (or take) the credit for it?

How did it make you feel?

This morning when I awoke I found myself thinking of worship. 

We were made to worship.  It’s an innate quality we all share…there is a place in our hearts that is reserved for One.
Some of us spend our entire lives seeking to feel that empty spot.  
We sense it…we know it’s there…we know it has to be filled.
We sometimes seek to fill it with other people, with activities, with “stuff”, with a variety of addictions (good or bad)…yet nothing quite “fits” perfectly into that God-shaped spot…so we end up frustrated and unsatisfied.  We will always be unsatisfied if we continue to fill that spot with anything or anyone else other than Whom it was reserved.

It is so important to give credit where credit is due.
Important that we recognize just Who truly belongs in that spot.

When you create something…why do you create it?  We are each given different talents.  Some exercise their creativity through music, some through painting, others through the written word, some through photography, the list is as varied as humanity.  
What is your favorite creative activity?  Why do you do it?  
The answer is simple…because it brings you joy.  
The act of pouring your heart out into a creative work brings a sense of joy that cannot be explained with mere words.

I have often wondered why God created us.  If He doesn’t NEED us…why create us in the first place, knowing that someday we would ultimately fail Him.  Why would He create humans…knowing that we would bring him such pain.  Why would He do this even while He knew that 
our eternal lives would be lost and 
the price it would cost Him to redeem our souls?
Oh why ask why?  LOL!
Go ahead…ask a mother or father the same question about why they chose to bring their children into the world.  We know they will make mistakes.  We know they will bring us tears, grief, and challenges.  
But we also know they will also bring us JOY, laughter, happiness, and love.  We bring children into the world because we want to love them…
and we want them to love us back.

The Truth is our Creator WANTED to create us.  
He designed each one of us for a specific purpose. 
And His heart yearns for us to know and love Him as our Father. 

Today I feel like I have found another missing piece of a great puzzle! 
I have often wondered about the term “jealous.”  I had always thought that being jealous was a bad thing.  But this morning…as I was pondering all this…I think I finally understand what God meant when He says, “I am a jealous God.” (Exodus 20:5 is the first place I found it)

It is the great I AM who is the Creator of Life.
Why should we expect Him to share the worship we have to offer?
Why should we think it proper to give credit to other created beings 
for the work He has done?

There are many people who have touched my heart, blessed my life, along my life journey.  I have enjoyed the creative works of so many.
But I must be careful to give proper credit where the credit is due.
They have blessed me and I am grateful for their part in my life…
but it is my Father God who determines my steps.
Every blessing that has come into my life is given to me from His hand.  Not only that, but He has even been faithful to keep His promise to bring good out of the bad that has been inflicted on me by those who’ve sought their own way instead of His. (see Romans 8:28 *grins* ) 
He arranged my steps…He arranges them still.
He created me.  He also created the ones who bring me joy. ; )
He works through us to bring joy to others because He understands us more than we understand ourselves.  He knows that sometimes we need someone “with skin on” to minister to us, talk with us, share life with.
He saw that from the very first…when He recognized that “it is not good for man to be alone.” (Genesis 2:18)

I must be careful not to worship the creation…
that worship belongs to the Creator.

Our Creator still reigns.
He will not be mocked, nor will He share His glory.
It is His alone.
He is the only One deserving of such worship.

There are dreadful consequences for those who continue to worship anything or anyone else other than our Creator God.

“’I will hide my face from them,’ he said, ‘and see what their end will be; for they are a perverse generation, children who are unfaithful.
They made me jealous by what is no god and 
angered me with their worthless idols.’”
Deuteronomy 32:20-21a
(the Lord’s anger and consequences for worshipping the unworthy continue through verse 44)

I have had only a few moments in my life where I could not sense the presence of God.  You see, even before I chose to follow His lead, I could sense He was there.  There have been two times in my life that I distinctly remember not being able to sense Him near.
Those were very dark times for me…
an enveloping, heart-wrenching, terrifying blackness that 
nearly robbed me of my very breath.  

To be cut off permanently from the Creator is a most horrifying thought.

Fear of the consequences would be enough for me to give my worship to my Father God.  However, that is not why I continue to worship Him. 
I worship Him because I LOVE Him.
How can I not love Him for all He’s done for me and
for many others whom I love?
Some days my love for Him feels so…overwhelming…
that I feel my heart will burst right out of my body!
I cannot help but think of Him every time I notice part of His creation…
the miracle of a tiny baby, a butterfly that flits by my eyes as it goes about its day, flowers delicately molded with such a wide array of colors and shapes, the scent of rain in the air on a summer day, interesting cloud formations, a breathtaking sunset or sunrise…
the list is endless of the creative ways He uses to bless us
and capture our attention.  : )

It is the Great I AM, the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac,
who deserves our worship!
None other can fill those shoes!
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