photo by: Shirley/Oklahoma/Jan 2010
God Bumps
originally written & posted 21 Jan 10
You know goosebumps don’t you?
AKA gooseflesh…or sometimes called the shivers…
well, sometimes this happens to me when I hear words that I know are
a part of God’s unchanging truth.
I call them “Godbumps” in those situations.  

This morning I heard someone talking on the radio…
just like any other weekday morning.
Only this time…this time…it was different.
Very different!

She quoted this scripture verse:

“May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.”
Psalm 19:14

She went on to explain how it’s not only important to be careful what we say…but also what we think…especially about ourselves.
I’ve addressed this before in “Recorded Messages” but it’s not until this morning that I fully comprehended that this idea is backed up in Scripture even more so than I previously thought.
(if full comprehension is even possible for our finite minds)

That verse in Psalm 19 tells me that it’s not just the words I say that matters…it’s also the words I think!  About other people AND about myself.

God is our Creator.
Insulting or demeaning what He created is offensive to Him.

Yes, we are a messed up bunch!  There is no doubt about that.
But even though God is sinless and hates sin,
He does not hate those He created.
It was His perfect love for us that caused Christ to walk that long,
painful and humiliating path to Golgotha.

Our culture freely tosses around words and attitudes that
insult and put down.
I was trained to do this every time I accepted an insult,
arrogant glance, or demeaning attitude…
whether it was listening without defending another human who was being picked on or whether it was my own self who was the target.

Holy Spirit Conviction will correct me
when I am treating another person unfairly…
but I seem to be deaf and dumb to it’s nudging
when I am dealing with myself.

But my Father God is doing His best to teach me a different way.
A better way.
The way of Unconditional Love, Unending Grace, Timeless Mercy.

I am a slow learner…but I want to learn…
and words will never be able to convey
my thankfulness that God is so very patient.  

I am never hopeless…no matter what anyone else's words or actions tell me.

I am so thankful for one more weapon of truth to add to the growing stockpile of arms against the lies of this world and the enemy who
roams the earth looking for those he can destroy…
and those humans who so willingly help him in this task.

(I am now reminded of a Michael W Smith song…Never Been Unloved)
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