originally written 1 May 11
posted 2 Nov 15
photograph by: Shirley/Oklahoma/Feb 2011
I started thinking of how to explain why all sin is bad and how it separates us from God. 
It's such a difficult concept to think that even small sins could be as bad a big sins.

Then the Star Trek influence kicked in! LOL!

You know how on Star Trek they would talk about now anti-matter and matter could never mix or something very bad would happen (or something like that...I'm probably totally screwing this up...where is Robert when I need him?! LOL)...well, it's the same with God and sin.  

The Holy cannot mix with the unholy. Once sin became a part of humankind, we were faced with a chasm between us and our Creator God. But that same Holy God still loved us and created a way for that chasm to be bridged. He took our sin on His own shoulders so that we could be covered (redeemed) by His Holiness and be able to be in the Father's presence again (like we enjoyed in the Garden of Eden).

It's not that one sin is greater than another as much as sin...any sin...cannot be allowed in the presence of the Holy God. Because of Jesus' blood sacrifice, we can be cleansed of our sin and welcomed back into His presence. : )
So even though we've never murdered anyone...even our "smaller" (by human standards) sins caused the need for a perfect blood sacrifice to wash us clean and make us able to stand before our Holy Father in Heaven.

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