Some say “time heals all wounds” but I am seeing this is not a completely true statement.  I don’t think it has as much to do with time as it does with how much we allow God to heal the wounds.  True, the healing process does take time, and sometimes we can be impatient.  But there are many wounds some carry that have seen many years pass and yet, their hurt is still fresh.  In more serious cases, sometimes the time elapsed has only bred bitterness and hate because the wound has not been cleaned out so that it can heal properly.  When it's buried deep inside, infection sets in, causing the hurt to increase and, in some cases, become debilitating.

Yes, time is a factor, but it’s not the most important factor and it has no healing properties of its own.  The Maker of our hearts must be allowed to do what He does best (heal our brokenness) or the “healing” will not be complete nor permanent.

It's Not Simply a Matter of Time
originally written & posted
1 November 06
photo by Shirley-- Edinburgh/Oct 06
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