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Many have asked what I've been doing to control my diabetes without meds and/or how I've been losing weight. It's a complicated answer and I've logged all my changes in my article called "Freedom March" but I feel like the long answer can be a bit overwhelming. I decided to condense the nitty-gritty facts for those who are not as concerned about the "whys" as much as the "how."

Key 1: Prayer (I had to give up food as my go-to in times of stress...God is much more effective anyway!)

Key 2: Reading ingredient labels (you will have a harder time reaching your goals if you keep consuming artificial ingredients that are harmful and/or designed to make you eat more). If you see these words in the ingredients, put the item back on the shelf, (it's not worth it):
high fructose corn syrup
msg (monosodium glutamate)

Key 3: Portion size matters. Pay attention, measure, track. It's surprising how much can sneak past you when you are distracted. It all matters. Preparing individual servings in advance helps greatly.

Key 4: Take care of your gut. Take a probiotic daily to balance gut bacteria (you need the good bacteria to help in digestion). When there is an imbalance, cravings are stronger. Bad bacteria LOVES sugar!
(I also take a multivitamin and cod liver oil daily)

Key 5: If you have diabetes, check your blood sugar consistently and regularly. I typically check mine in the morning before I eat anything and again an hour and a half after supper. I have checked it at other times as well, to determine effects of certain foods or activities on my blood sugar level. Learn how your body processes things. That's how I learned that my body can process sweets well if sugar is kept under 10g a serving.  

Key 6: If your goal is weight loss, myfitnesspal is a handy site (app for those with smartphones). You can put in your details and goals and it will tell you how many calories you need daily to reach your goal. I often use it to plan out my day, how I'm going to distribute the carbs and calories I'm allowed. Very helpful!

Key 7: I believe that diabetes is not only preventable but also reversible.  To avoid having your system malfunction (developing diabetes) or to help your body heal if your system is already broken, limit these carb-dense foods to no more than 60g per day:
~~bread, crackers, chips, cereal/granola, bran, breakfast bars/granola bars, energy bars, oatmeal, pasta, rice
~~candy, baked goods, pastries, cookies/cakes
~~fruit juices, energy drinks, soda, milk
~~fruit, beans, potatoes/sweet potatoes, corn (including popcorn)

Those are the basic changes that have helped me feel more free and healthy than I have ever felt in my entire life (even when I was thin!). 
If you want more detail (including my weight loss numbers and bloodwork results), you are welcome to check out "Freedom March" (which includes the sources where I gleaned information) or contact me for more specific questions.

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7 Keys
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posted 1 Apr 16