photo by: Shirley/Hawaii/August 2004
Learning to Swim
originally written & posted
14 May 07
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Now freed from the chains that used to bind me, I am learning to swim again.  The caress of the cool water feels good on my skin.  I swim along, occasionally comforted when my feet hit bottom and I once again push myself forward, enjoying the giggles that the splashes cause to burst from somewhere deep inside of me.

Suddenly, my toes no longer touch the bottom and I feel panic well up, threatening to chase away all traces of the joy I had just been experiencing.  Before the panic can get a firm grip on me, I feel strong arms surrounding me, lifting me up.  A calm voice says, "Relax, I have you."  

Instantly I am at peace.  I know this voice...and I trust the One who promised never to leave me nor forsake me.  As we move further into the deeper water, I know there is no safer place than in the arms of my Father.

He loves me...and His feet touch the bottom.  : )