What is the big deal about meeting celebrities?!
originally written and put on website 27 Jun 05
Okay!  This is something I just have to figure out.  What is it about famous people that makes us want to meet them?  What makes that meeting such a valued time?  After meeting a small number of  famous people over the course of time (sometimes feeling quite normal and sometimes feeling barely able to calm the giggles that threaten to erupt and expose the nervous little girl who still exists inside me), I am still confused over this phenomenon.  So, how do I deal with that?  I write!  : )
When I am sane about this issue, I can see clearly that these are just people.  They put their pants on one leg at a time just like you or me.  : )  They eat, cry, experience pain, wake up with morning breath, have bad hair days, laugh, experience joy, frustration and anger just like we do.  Just because they are on t.v. or in the movies (or play sports or whatever else it is that has placed them in the public eye) doesn't make them any less human.  Does meeting them give us any more value than we already have been given by our Creator?  No, I don't think so.  So, why the draw?
The only reason I can think of is that (in the case of actors/actresses) they are the link between the fantasy world of entertainment and the reality that we live with every day.  It's like touching something previously untouchable.  What was once only in your mind's eye is now in front of your very own eyes without the aid of anything mechanical or digital.  It becomes real.  They become real.  I guess, for me, it's almost like if I haven't seen it (or experienced it) for myself, I can't fully believe it's true.  Another example would be visiting a place you have only read about.  It would be nearly impossible for me to describe the feelings that washed over me the first time I saw the ocean around Hawaii ("It looks just like all the pictures!").  Or the first time I saw Big Ben, the famous clock that previously (for me) only existed in childhood stories.  I guess it's just that magical moment of seeing something or someone become real in your mind.  A special moment, yes, when you meet that person and the reality of it is that they really are funny or pretty or kind or generous, etc. in real life.  I imagine that if the experience of meeting that favorite star is a negative one, it could really be bad but I haven't yet experienced that.  Everyone has been great.
Meeting that famous person can be a special moment but not really one that defines who we are as people.  No matter how many famous people we meet (or don't meet), it has no effect on our own value.  That value comes from the Father who created us  What price would someone pay to meet you?  What price would someone pay to meet me?  Those answers may vary with time & circumstance but there is One who paid a great deal so He could be with us.  God loves us and wants to not only meet us but want us to know who He is.  Now that is special indeed!  To think that the Creator of the Universe wants to know me?  Mind boggling.  Even wilder than that is the fact that He knows me (all of me...even the ugly side) and loves me anyway.    : )  We may meet famous people but how many of them will we actually get to KNOW?  The Creator of the Universe wants to share Himself with us.   WOW!  How many of those famous people forget us "little people" seconds after meeting us?  The God who created you and me will never forget us.  I am so thankful for His patience with me as I am still a work in progress.  But I am confident that He who began this work will be faithful to complete it.  

Thanks again for walking with me through this maze of thoughts in my head.  

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