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I was listening to K-Love radio this afternoon and
heard someone share this quote from their pastor:

“Nothing grows on top of the mountain. The fertile soil is in the valley.”

When we have a beautiful time of worship and
fellowship with our Lord and our spirit is soaring,
that is often called a “mountaintop” experience with God.

When life gets tough and our spirits are
exhausted from the trials, these are called valleys.

I often refer to the tough periods of life as “growing times.” 
Situations that are painful and unpleasant often produce the most growth. 
When we stay close to the Lord during the pain, He walks through it with us,
teaching us along the way so that we will grow from the experience.
Pain does not have to be wasted.

People often question why God allows pain in our lives.
I think the mountain quote reveals a great Truth. 
God is wise. He knows us well.
He knows that when life is going smoothly we can tend to get complacent.
At worst, we can fall for the lie that
gives us credit for the good things in our lives. 
We adopt an attitude that we are “self-sufficient” and
forget that it is the Lord alone who gives us our daily breath.

Mountaintop Danger
originally written 18 Oct 10
posted  11 Jul 12
photo by: Shirley/Zugspitze/Apr 2007