My Father's Eyes
originally written & posted 
25 Sep 06
I am continually amazed by God's awesome grace and love and I just want to show that to everyone I meet.  I recently was in London and saw many, many different folks on that busy Saturday.  I was overwhelmed by this knowledge that my Lord, our Creator God, knows each and every one of them and that He loves them as much as He loves me.  I am blown away by this fact!

Today I remembered one of my favorite songs from my teen years.  It's by Amy Grant and will always be a special song to me.  Here is my favorite prayer, really...because this is exactly what I have prayed for and it continues to be my heart's cry...

I may not be every mother's dream for her little girl,
And my face may not grace the mind of everyone in the world.
But that's all right, as long as i can have one wish i pray:
When people look inside my life, i want to hear them say,

She's got her father's eyes,
Her father's eyes;
Eyes that find the good in things,
When good is not around;
Eyes that find the source of help,
When help just can't be found;
Eyes full of compassion,
Seeing every pain;
Knowing what you're going through
And feeling it the same.
Just like my father's eyes

*Oh Lord please help me see everyone through Your eyes.  Help me to love them as You love them.  Guide my steps, my hands and my heart so that I will be a reflection of You.  I yearn for a strong family resemblance to You, my Heavenly Father.  There is truly none like You!  : )
photo by Shirley: Sedge Fen/Sep 2006
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