No Matter What
originally written 14 Oct 15
posted 15 Oct 15
photo by: Shirley/Missouri/Oct 2015
No matter what.
This is the theme that keeps getting repeated to me lately.  
No matter what storms may come.
No matter what tragedy befalls.
No matter what!
Our God reigns.
He is mighty to save.
He is mighty enough to sometimes spare us the consequences we rightly deserve.  
He is merciful.
He is loving.
He is just.
He never changes.
No. Matter. What.

Obedience is key to blessings.
The thought occurred to me this morning—I have been so consistent in my obedience to the changes that are necessary to my health…for the purpose of one day getting rid of the diabetes completely. It may possibly never leave me. What then?  
I am okay with that possibility. God is wise and knows my fickle heart and mind better than I do. He supplied this “Gibbs slap” to wake me up…and it may possibly need to stay in order to keep me awake.

I am enjoying a freedom I have never known before.
Diabetes is a small thing compared.
I will trust God’s wisdom in this and all things.  
He knows what He’s doing.
No matter what. :)

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