Open Letter to New Christians
originally written 19 May 13
posted 12 Nov 15
photograph by: Shirley/Oklahoma/May 2013
Dear new siblings in Christ:

I love your fire for the Lord! Your excitement for Truth is beautiful to see.
May I offer some advice? (an observation?)
Please remember in your zeal you can achieve much growth and also cause much damage.
Baby Christians can be potent and reckless.
Similar to a baby snake--the potency can be of increased concentration.

You are right in your sight--as in your eyes are now open to Truth and lies.
You are right to be angry.

Be careful how you handle/display this anger. It's not about being right--it's about being Christ to those around you. It's about love.

God's kindness is what draws us to Him--not His anger. 
He hates sin but His love for us looks past the sin to who we are (or going to be) in Him.

Of all on earth who had the right to judge us harshly--Christ was gentle (yet firm) with sinners. He was, indeed, hard toward the leaders of the His people who knew God's words but misused them to control those who didn't. In their own self-righteousness, they had become prideful and harsh toward those they believed were somehow “less” than they.  

If your goal is to be like Christ you must be careful to not allow self-righteousness to become a venom to the blind around you.

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