photo by: Shirley/North Dakota/June 2004
originally written & posted 19 Feb 10
I hate it when I step on my own toes!!

I was just commiserating with friends about having to bail out one of my boys when he procrastinated on his homework again.

As I typed a variation of this paragraph:
“I try to avoid nagging because I hate being nagged myself.
So it really irks me when I have to bail them out at the last minute when they repeatedly ignored my warnings that time was running out.”


I wonder how many times God has said that about me?

I KNOW what I am supposed to do and don’t do it.
I KNOW what I am supposed to avoid doing, yet I keep doing it.
I KNOW that time is growing short.
Yet, here I am, continually ignoring the warnings…

Oh that I/we would just obey!

How much pain could we avoid?  How many inconvenient (and sometimes humiliating and/or dangerous) consequences could we just skip altogether if
We. Would. Just. LISTEN?!

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