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of the soul
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22 May 08
posted to this site 26 Jan 09
Life is hard.

That statement can mean so much to so many people...but it's one that few would debate.  It's a fact.

We need people in our lives who are encouraging...especially in times like these when there is so much weighing so many down.  The weight of depression can be one that some do not overcome.

They need us to encourage them.  They need positive words and attitudes to bolster the courage inside them to walk the path ahead.  They need to be told that yes, they can do this...even when just putting one foot in front of the other seems like too much to handle.

Mom & I were talking about a quote read in yesterday's calendar entry (Barbara Johnson's "I don't suffer from insanity.  I enjoy every minute of it!").  It's a quote by Alfred A. Montapert:
"Give a friend a phone call or write a letter.  Let that person know he or she is in your thoughts and prayers.  Offer a word of encouragement--the oxygen to the soul."

I wondered aloud..."if encouragement is like oxygen to the soul...what is discouragement?"  

it would be like carbon monoxide...silent...and potentially as deadly.

Words have power.  How do we use them each day?  Do we build up the people around us?  Or do we tear them down?

I know I've failed in this area a few times...neglecting to encourage those that I love.  Failing to notice when someone is sinking into a pit that they cannot climb out of on their own.

Everyday I get a Bible verse in my email inbox.  I cannot tell you how many times those words end up being the exact words I needed to hear at the precise moment I needed them.

I've decided to try to remember every day to share them on my profile page...maybe someone else could use those words too...and I do not mind sharing.   

Little by little, bit by bit, we can make a difference in the world around us.  Most people just need a wee bit of encouragement to rise to their full potential.

Look might notice a face that needs a smile today.  It might even be your own.   

Encouragement is a funny creation...the more you give it away...the more it grows...and even the encourager is blessed by it.
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