Perfect Friends?
originally written on 23 Mar 07
posted on 23 Mar 07
photo by: Shirley/England/February 2007
Today I received a troubling message from someone I don't even know.  This person wanted to tell me about the behavior of some of my friends at an event she recently attended.  The words of this message have gnawed at me all day.  And there are some things that must be made clear.

1) The behavior described seems VERY different from the character traits that I have already observed in them over the past four years.  I am not saying these things didn't happen...I wasn't there...but I do have a difficult time believing the reports...and feel, if they're true, that there must be an explanation for it.

*side note* as of today, 25 Mar 07, I am inclined to believe that the reports I am hearing from this anonymous person are false.  Too many holes in "her" claims.  I am sorry I ever allowed any teeny shadow of doubt creep into my heart.

2)There seemed to be an assumption that I would not be friends with them if I knew how they  had behaved that weekend.  Hmmm...well, that would be the case if I expected my friends to be perfect....but I don't.  Everyone has moments (days...weeks...months) where they are "not themselves" and fail to live up the expectations placed on them (either from others or from themselves).  I know I have. 

3) I am not a "fair weather" friend.  Life is hard.  We make mistakes.  As we grow and learn to walk along this life journey...we will fall.  And when we fall, we must pick ourselves back up again to move forward.  Sometimes, the fall is hard enough that we need help from others to get back up again.  That's when we need our friends the most.

I will laugh with my friends when times are good.  I will cry with them when times get rough.  I will walk with them, no matter what storms may come.

A true friend does not abandon you when you have proven yourself imperfect.  No...a true friend will love you anyway...
and encourage you to do better next time.

Perfect friends?  No thanks...I'd rather have the real variety.  

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