photo by: Shirley/Oklahoma/September 2008
originally written 3 Oct 10
posted 9 Nov 10
I have long struggled with perfectionism.
Setting goals and expectations for myself that were impossible to attain;
ultimately feeling like a failure when I didn’t reach those goals.
It’s a vicious and unhealthy cycle of living.
Sadly, I am not alone in this.

One day, the “why” hit me like a flash of lightning in a dark sky.
We were created to live in perfection!
I believe it’s why we strive so hard for it—
our hearts know something’s missing.

Mankind was given perfection in the beginning.
The Garden of Eden was safe.
Everything was provided.
Walking in the Garden with our Creator was a daily event.
But the enemy of God lied and when we listened,
we traded in perfection for a lie.
Adam & Eve were the first ones to mess up—
we all follow the pattern of sin that they established.

Ever since the time that pattern was first established,
perfection has been an impossibility for us.
Perfection became a mirage we chase and chase,
only to have it evaporate before we touch it.

However, God did not abandon us.
Christ offers us perfection in His love & grace.
He fills in the gaps when we let Him.

We will never reach “perfection” as we imagine it should be;
for even our mind’s perspective of what perfection is
has been twisted by the deceiver’s lies.

When we allow God to come into our lives,
He begins a life-long process of reshaping us into His image.
As we become more like Christ, our eyes are opened to Truth.

Because the Father was willing to give up His Son…
and the Son was willing to pay our exorbitant ransom…
we are allowed to trade the lie back in for HIS perfection.

THAT is True Love friends.
: )
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