photo by: Shirley/Missouri/July 2004
Originally written 21 Sep 09
posted 23 Sep 09
I was sitting here watching a movie…
and started thinking about foul language.
I remembered writing letters to some of my favorite actors, 
and a director. about their use of bad words.
Okay…I know that is going to be seen as a bit odd.  
You can stop laughing anytime now.
*cheesy grin*

I was wondering why it was so important to me.
I remembered wanting to share their works with my children.
We loved one particular work of theirs…
and wanted to see more of their talent.
I shared with them in the letters that some parents raise their children (not just parents but also some teachers) that people who resort to foul language reveal a lack of intelligent vocabulary.  I knew these people were smart!  Their talents combined created some of the best films of all time!
I didn’t want them to be viewed in that light.

Looking back, I’ve often been confused as to
why this would be so important to me.
Then it hit me tonight.
I’ve prayed for years to have a heart like God’s. 
 I want to see people as He sees them.  I want to love people as He loves them.
Why should I be surprised when I see
evidence that I am growing in such a direction?

He calls us to be holy.  He calls us to be set apart.
The answer is fairly simple.  He wants to be proud of us.
He wants to cheer us on in everything that we do!
He wants to present his bride (the church) as holy and blameless…pure.

Our Father in heaven wants to see His children free from the negative effects and consequences of sin…so it makes sense that I would want to see everyone I care about in the best light possible…without blame or blemish…

Some have described God’s insistence of repentance as selfish…
but I see His requests and requirements from a different light.

He LOVES us…with all his heart.
And He created us to be radiant.
His aim is to cleanse us of all that hides our true beauty and hinders our freedom.
: )

I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly.
John 10:10b (NASB)
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