Punishment or Reward
originally written 21 Feb 10
posted 20 Oct 15
photo by: Anna/Missouri/2009
Sometimes I get sad when I think of some of the joys of this life that Anna will miss.
But God is always faithful to remind me of all that she is enjoying now. :)

The joys of this life truly pale miserably in comparison to the joys we will experience in Heaven.

Sometimes it’s so easy to fall into asking the questions of “Why her? Why so soon?! Why did God do this to her?” as if this was some sort of punishment.

I have to keep remembering that for those who believe in Christ as Savior…whose sins are covered by His sacrificial blood…death is not some harsh punishment…it is more like a reward…or even sometimes, a rescue.

You see, it’s because the death of their physical body is not the end of their story.
Death is but the crossing of the finish line.
Our physical bodies are left behind as our spiritual bodies finally get to go home.

For those who have been away from home a long time and then finally get to enter their beloved familiar territory understand what I’m talking about now.
They understand the immense joy of walking through the doors into a place where you know without a doubt that you are welcome…known…loved.
They know what it is like to be HOME.

I believe that is what we will experience when it is finally our turn to go home.
Anna is home. She no longer has to struggle with the trials of this life…
and the joys she has now could never be matched here,
even if her life had turned out as perfectly as possible.

*Oh Lord…thank You for reminding me of Your perfect Truth. Please never stop.
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