photo by: Shirley/Altus/October 2009
Recognize Your Enemy
Originally written & posted
1 Oct 09
“You can’t do that!”
“You don’t belong here!”
“You’re stupid”
“You’re worthless”
“No one loves you”

These are ALL LIES…originating with the father of lies…
meant to hold you back from being who you were created to be.

When lies threaten to drown you…reach out for the lifesaver
Christ, your Redeemer

Don’t let anyone put you down (not even your own mind)!

God has provided answers to the lies that echo in the
hollow cave of fear and loneliness.
I’ve written about them before…"When the Lies Come"…August 2007

If the Creator of the Universe deemed you worthy of personal sacrifice…
who else can possibly have the audacity to look down on you
from their superior perch?!
Who are they compared to Him?

The haughty may demand, “Don’t you know who I am?!”
Praise God, because of Christ, even the “least of these”
can confidently answer,
 “Don’t you know Whose I am?”
: )
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