Today my mind was flooded with memories of Sundays long ago...


It was because of the love shown to me by a family in Loudendale, WV when I was a child that I learned the truth about God.  It was a pure love--a love toward those that society would deem as less than worthy.  A real love...and I wanted to find out more about it. I wanted to find out how I can have such a love.  It is because of this great love that I could be free to love instead of allowing my life traumas to make me bitter.  Oh that everyone I know could see this love and allow it to come in and work it's wonder in their hearts!  Life is not made perfect because of it--but there is a strength and love available that give an undeniable HOPE.  It is this hope that is the source of my smile.  

Wherever you are today, Romie & Connie, I pray that God has blessed you a hundred times over for your kindness toward that skinny little girl with the stringy hair...and so many others whose life situations were similar.  Tirelessly you worked.  Some heard your words of faith and love...and believed.  Others did not...but you still continued to be faithful in your efforts to reach us with this Everlasting Love.  

For that, I will be forever thankful.

If I died today, more than anything else...I'd want others to know my Jesus.  To know and experience this great love that can cut through the deepest pain and the darkest days.
I don't know how many tomorrows I might be I wanted to share this while there is still breath in this body.  Someday I will be called home...and on that day, I will see Him face-to-face and be welcomed into the loving arms of my Heavenly Father.  I will dance on the streets with those who have gone on before me who share this great love.  Oh how I pray that every person I have taken into my heart on this earth will one day join me there!

Yes, this girl can dream...and the greatest thing about dreams is that sometimes they do come true.



Today was a great one I have had in so very long!  Today I remembered faces of those who love me and whom I love.  Today I remembered learning about this man called Christ.  Today I remembered the songs we sang...and as we were standing in church today, singing praise songs that were blessing my heart so much that I had to close my eyes to take it all in....we began singing the song that was playing when I went forward to accept Christ as my Savior all those yars ago..."Just As I Am."  I wept from the love that washed over me and the grace and forgiveness for the many times I've failed in my walk of faith since that young girl first began to trust Him.  It is truly His love and kindness that brings us to repentance.

remembering my First Love
originally written & posted
11 Nov 07
photo by: Shirley/Suffolk/Sep 2007
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