sin and bad connections...
originally written 13 Feb 2001
added to first website 24 Feb 03
     Hiya!  Just thinking again. Scary huh?  : )  
I got this idea that sin is kind of like corrosion on a battery.  When we allow sin to overcome us, it gets in between our spirit's connection to God.  As we allow the corrosion to build up, the harder it is to get a "spark" going, thus, we lose the power that is available to us through the Holy Spirit.  When we finally face our own sin and "scrub it off," we can then again enjoy the full power of God's grace and Holy Spirit.  Corrosion (or sin) happens daily.  We need to daily "scrub" it off so we can keep the connection clear.  Does this make sense?  I was thinking of this while brushing my teeth this morning.  Wanted to get to the computer before I forgot it.  : )  Didn't get here right away but it's been on my mind ever since.  
God is so good!
Thanks for letting me share again.   I hope you don't think I'm "off my rocker!"  I just feel like someone waking up finally from a very deep sleep!

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photo by: Shirley/North Dakota/May 2004
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