This Strange Love
originally written ? May 11
posted 3 Nov 15
photograph by: Shirley/Oklahoma/Feb 2011
Just when I think I understand this Love that was given to share…God deepens the level.

To love as Christ loves—to follow His footsteps—is a journey of great joy—and great sorrow.

The Love, when shared, can make an amazing impact on the world around us as well as on our own hearts. The rewards reaped when love is sown—is a treasure indeed.

However, we can become “punch-drunk” on that love—we start expecting it in return and something changes. It’s no longer a selfless, Christ-like love.

Truly—it’s a painful thing to give love and not receive love back.

We must give love though—like the words of one Michael W. Smith songs says:
“Love…isn’t love…until you give it away.”

We are created in the image of God. We are designed to give love and wired to want to be loved in return.

But there is a deeper level beyond our human nature. This is the Divine calling—to love…regardless of return—to keep loving…even when faced with hatred.

This…this is the challenge!

However challenging it may be, I don’t believe it to be impossible.

“ I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” 
Philippians 4:13

With Christ as our guide—indeed, He has taken the lead—we can walk this path of selfless love. It’s not all rosy…there are thorns, sometimes thorns that cause deep, excruciatingly painful wounds…but there is also life. There are joys that outweigh the trials. If we are real and serious about wanting to follow our Savior—we cannot choose to escape the pain.  

Hardening your heart is a natural reaction to pain, but there is no wisdom in it. The fungus of bitterness thrives in closed hearts, but closed hearts yield nothing good. Open hearts are vulnerable to injury—but also provide fertile ground for love to grow true and lasting friendships.

God does nothing—and asks us to do nothing—without good reason. We are the created—we cannot know fully the mind of our Creator. We cannot comprehend fully but He has been gracious enough to give us wee glimpses into His heart.

He knows we cannot follow this path on our own—thus He has provided a Helper. We are not abandoned. We need only eyes to see and ears to hear.  

There are those who will never return the love we show them, but we are still called to love them with the same unselfish love that we’ve been given.

Will we answer the call?

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