photo by: Shirley/Oklahoma/Nov 2009
Unstoppable God
originally written 4 Jan 10
posted  9 Jan 10
No matter if we don’t believe or don’t want to hear…
we cannot stop God from speaking.

“I love you”
(He whispers in the sky as dawn breaks)

“I love you”
(He whispers again in a cool breeze on a hot summer day)

“I am here”
(He whispers as a butterfly flits through your field of vision)

“I will never abandon you”
(He comforts as fear pounds at the door of your heart)

(He shouts from the cross of Calvary)

When God moves—man cannot stop Him.
They’ve tried…over and over and over again.

But even to the point of a death meant to humiliate—
it was Christ who was the victor.
His death and resurrection was His victory, not His shame.
It was planned, not merely inflicted.
He willingly became the sacrifice for a purpose.
That purpose was to redeem the souls of mankind
because there was no other sacrifice perfect enough to offer full redemption.
He not only died…He overcame death…in order that we may have LIFE.
Life eternal.  Life abundant & free

THAT is unstoppable love in action.

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