Our Videos
~~Song for Rich~~
video in memory of Grandpa Cohoon
~~I Know Your Name~~
video created for a struggling friend
~~Dear Friend~~
video in memory of our Raphael
~~Make It Matter~~
video for a Natalie Grant song
~~God of Wonders~~
video of my "turning point" song
~~Broken Hallelujah~~
video in memory of Anna
~~You Wouldn't Cry for Me~~
video in memory of Anna
video for honestly relating in life
video in memory of 4 loved ones
~~I Choose You~~
video for a "life declaration" song
~~Hold My Heart~~
video for difficult days
~~Keep Singing~~
video for difficult days
~~Your Hands~~
video for difficult days
~~Save a Place for Me~~
video for mourning a death
~~Stop the World~~
video for when you yearn for quiet time (ice storm pics)
~~Everything Falls~~
video of hope for difficult days
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~~Beautiful, Beautiful~~
video of life changed by God's Grace
~~Never Been Unloved~~
video to remind of Everlasting Love
~~More Like Falling in Love~~
video about  relationship with Christ 
~~Wherever We Go~~
video reminding us of Suffolk, England