We are not oysters!
originally written 24 Jan 2003
added to first website 24 Feb 03
I cannot sleep.  I need to sleep but I cannot until I write these thoughts down...they will not let me rest.  
We are not oysters.  Strange subject line, I know.  I have heard so many stories of pain lately.  Pain that had been buried, some so deep the bearer didn't even realize it was there.  Why does it have to surface now?  Why can't it stay buried?  We were doing fine just glossing it over and leaving it buried deep within.  But our Lord knows us deeper than anyone.  He knows what's buried deep within our souls.  He knows that we think we are fine.  What we cannot seem to see, but what He knows better than anyone, is that we are not oysters.  These are not beautiful pearls being created as we "gloss over" an irritating piece of sand.  These are festering wounds that eventually have to be cleaned out in order to make us clean and healthy.  "But it's so painful," we cry.  Yes, it is very painful.  Sometimes it seems to be more than we can bear, but we are fooling ourselves if we think that burying the pain will make it go away.  God knows us and loves us and His desire is to heal us completely.  He knows that for the healing to be complete, He must help us unbury the pain, clean the wound, and then we will be able to begin the true healing process.  So many of us have such deep wounds.  The pain is so immense sometimes.  We have become professional at burying and glossing over.  It's an easier path, yes, but it will not lead to health.  
It's time to allow the Great Physician to lead us to complete health.  Time to unbury the hurt and the brokenness, so He can clean us, heal our broken hearts and make us into that "new creation" we were promised to be made into.  Time to yield to His leading  because on the other side of that pain is something we cannot see...but He can.  He will lead us to great joy and total health.  The path for some of us will be extremely painful and so, so long, but the joy awaiting us on the other side is so worth it.  Just as we would trust a skilled physician to perform the surgery we are needing for our physical bodies, so we must trust that our Creator knows how to lead us on the path to complete emotional and spiritual health.  I am so thankful that God will not allow me to pretend to be an oyster any longer.  I am now ready for the healing to begin.  I will not pretend that this will be an easy, pleasant path...but I trust Him.  He knows the way.  I will yield to His leading.  I will be made new.  : )
In His loving care,
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