In the animated movie “The Swan Princess” Prince Derek declares his agreement to marry Princess Odette.  He says to his bride-to-be, “You’re all I ever wanted!  You’re beautiful!”  Princess Odette replies, “Thank you.  But what else?”  His answer of “What else is there?” stuns all witnesses and they part ways.  She leaves deeply saddened and disappointed and he is left profoundly confused.  What else is there, indeed.

Later, Odette’s father (who knew Derek’s answer was very wrong…but was still as confused as any man there as to just why it was wrong) asks, “what else did you want him to say?”

What else does a woman want?  I do not have enough memory on my computer to go into such a query fully.  What was Odette’s reply?  “I need to know that he loves me for just being me.”  Such simple words for such a complicated issue.

We want to be desired for more than just our outward appearance.  We want someone to take on the lifelong exploration of our hearts.  We want someone who will have courage enough to stand up for our honor.  We want someone who wants to know the real us inside the beautiful (or not so beautiful) package.  We want someone who will focus on us enough that they will not be lured away by other "beautiful packages." 

We want to be captivating.*

We want to be the elderly couple who still hold hands when walking through the park together.  We want a forever love that does not see the wrinkles, the fat, the gray hair.  We want a lover who will be captivated by us no matter who else walks by.  We do not want to be compared…we want to be treasured…for who we are.

What else is there?

*Yes, I did read the book Captivating which was written by John & Stasi Eldredge.  I simply cannot recommend it highly enough.  This book delves deeper into the issue of what woman yearn for above all other desires in their hearts.  A truly enlightening and inspiring read.

What Else Is There?
originally written & posted 
10 May 2006
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photo by Shirley: Weeting/May 2006