What is our value?
originally written 24 Feb 2003
added to first website 24 Feb 03
I was thinking today of self-worth.  What is it?  How does it differ from wrongful pride?  As I was thinking of this, I had a realization of just how valuable we are. 
People who have collections of value know how much their collection is worth, or can find out fairly easily.  Comics, figurines, cars, sports cards, the list is endless.  The value of a collectible item depends solely on what someone is willing to pay for it.  If I have a figurine that is worth some money, I will never see that money until I sell it.  If I never sell it, what value does it have?  From another angle, if I have a figurine that is worth nothing to anyone else, it can still be priceless to me because of sentimental reasons.  It may have been given to me by someone special in my life or for a special occasion that makes it valuable to me only.  
I began thinking about how valuable we are to God.  In the Garden of Eden, the fall of mankind meant that we "sold" ourselves into slavery to sin.  When mankind chose a different path other than walking in obedience to the Lord, sin was introduced into the world and we cannot escape it.  We are slaves to it in one way or another.  
Satan would have us believe that we are worthless...that we have no value at all.  The world would have us believe that some people have value and others do not depending upon social, celebrity, or economic status.  God has a different message for us.  He saw mankind as extremely valuable.  The price He was willing to pay for our freedom from sin was an enormous one...the life of His only Son, Jesus Christ.  Likewise, Jesus himself saw us as valuable enough to lay His life down willingly to free us from the bondage of sin.  This has already been done.  The price has already been paid.  Do we accept this freedom or do we choose to remain enslaved and believe the lie that we are not worth saving?  God believed we were valuable enough.  Not because we are so holy or perfect or because of anything we have accomplished in our lives but simply because of His great love for us.  He created us.  His love runs deeper for us than a mother's love for her child.  There is no relationship that we can know that is stronger or more fulfilling than yielding to our Creator, believing Him when He says He loves us so very much.  We cannot understand why He does the things He does or allows things to happen that we do not understand.  Why is there so much pain in this world?  Why do things have to happen the way they do?  We live in a fallen world where one person's sin almost always causes pain or grief to another.  
God did not make us robots...we have our own choices to make but there are always consequences (good or bad) to those decisions and they usually affect more than just us personally.  Life here on earth will not be easy.  But God has promised to walk with us when we choose to accept the gift of Salvation He has provided to free us.  
Are you in a cage right now?  Are you held captive by sin and cannot break free?  Are you believing the lie that you are worthless?  Run to the Father who loves you!  He is waiting with open arms, ready to forgive all and set you free.  His love is deeper than the deepest ocean and higher than the highest mountain.  Nothing we have done cannot be covered by the price already paid.  We need only acknowledge that Christ paid our  debt in full and follow His lead into a freedom beyond comprehension.  
In Service to the King,

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photo by: Shirley/North Dakota/Jun 2004
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