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Whom Shall I Follow?
originally written & posted 
24 Apr 09
I cannot sleep.  Words keep tumbling about in my brain…I have to sort these out.

So much talk is going on these days about the issue of marriage.  Even now there is serious debate swirling around the answer of Miss California when she was asked what she believed in regard to that topic.  She answered honestly…not merely giving the answer that the asker wanted to hear.  She did not compromise her faith for popularity…and for that she is to be commended, whether we agree with her answer or not.  
She displayed a courage and strength that is rare these days.

I wonder if I were in her shoes, would I have had the courage to answer just as truthfully?  In such a high profile situation, and with so much at stake, I honestly don’t know…but I hope I would have been true to myself and my Father in Heaven.  

In the face of such adversity…where would I place my honor?

God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  His Word is truth and never changes.  Building my life on His Word provides stability and safety.  He is the rock…a firm foundation.

Society is ever-changing.  Opinions and what is popular is never the same from day to day, week to week, year to year.  Society’s base is like sand…ever shifting, always changing…unstable.

Today it is popular to “go with the flow” of opinion…jumping on whatever bandwagon comes along.  Those who do not join in are labeled as many things, among them are the terms “square”, “weird”, bigots, or much worse.  I have been told I was acting in an unloving way because I didn’t support the homosexual side of this issue.  But I ask you, if I believe with all my heart that God’s Word is truth…then how can I possibly say I love someone and still support a lifestyle that I believe will lead them to their death?  From my perspective, supporting destructive behavior…any destructive behavior, not just this particular issue…is the epitome of “unloving.”  It cares more about what people think of you rather than what is best for those same people.  
I do not have to agree with everything someone does, says or believes in order for me to love them.

Those who know me best know that friendships are one of my most valuable treasures.  However, there have been times that my allegiance to God, and what His Word says is true and good and worthy, has put me in direct opposition with some of my friends.  My unwillingness to quote the “party line” has resulted in direct conflict with a few.  That never fails to break my heart.  It has been, and always will be, my hope that friends could “agree to disagree agreeably.”  

Even if some cannot do that, I simply cannot ignore the One who has spared nothing to love me.

The same God who created the heavens and the earth “in the beginning” is the same God who provides my needs on a daily basis.  The same God who cut covenant with Abraham is the same God who promises to never leave me nor forsake me.  The same God who rescued the Israelites, freeing them from centuries of slavery in Egypt is the same God who paints the sky with incredible sunsets and decorates our earth with an amazing array of natural beauty…every single day.  He is my “Daddy” and I love Him.  I trust Him.  I believe His word to be Truth.  He has been my rock for so many years…as well as my rescuer when I have fallen.  Who could ever take His place?
It was Christ who shed His blood for me…to purchase my eternal salvation.  Most of society does not even know my name…nor do they have any desire to learn it.  What do I owe them?

I pray with all my heart that my friends will remain my friends…but as the current fight about the sanctity of marriages grows more intense, I fear that many will choose to end our friendship.  Still, that fear cannot rule my heart or my actions.  If I am forced to choose between my friends and my God…it is the One I will have to answer to on Judgment Day who has the upper hand.  It is His opinion of me that matters most.

And just what of those turbulent times, when the conflicts arise and choices are made…and hearts are broken?  It is then that I must trust God’s grace to heal my brokenness.  And so far…He has been faithful with that task…and I am forever grateful.

Thanks for allowing me to sort these thoughts.  I can “see” better when I put the words in print.
Now I can rest.

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