photo by: Shirley/Missouri/July 2004
Whose Team?
Originally written 22 Sep 09
posted 24 Sep 09
I recently found myself in a situation where two friends who were dear to me had vastly different opinions about a certain topic matter.

This matter has been debated for centuries…
putting many at odds with their spiritual siblings and causing church families to split apart.

I could see both perspectives…
but because this is a matter that Scriptures leave for individual decisions…
each must decide what is best for himself or herself.
I must confess…it broke my heart to feel caught in the middle.

Regardless of what subject matter we discuss…
once we allow self-righteous condemnation to enter the mix…
it’s always a win situation for our enemy.
Divisiveness is always his goal.

Where Scripture is silent, we should be silent.  
Where Scripture is clear, we must hold fast, no matter the storm at the door.  
Where Scripture leaves room for interpretation, we must apply the Grace that we ourselves have received from the One much holier than we could ever hope to be.

We need to be careful about how we behave toward our spiritual family.
Allowing our eyes to be blinded with passionate self-righteousness causes incredible harm.
I know this…in my nearly 40yrs…
I’ve been on both the giving end and the receiving end of that pass.

Let’s not make touchdowns for the other team!
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